Muchas Gracias


Today was a special day for the leaders of November Project Nola.  The best moment that you can have as a November Project leader is what we call a “Payday”.  Payday is any time when a tribe member lets you know that their life has been impacted in a positive way by November Project (all emails about lives that have been negatively impacted should be directed to  This is the reason that we put in the time, energy and effort to continue to grow this group and spread the word about our community.  Today, the Payday was overwhelming.  Of course anytime someone gives you beer then it is a good day, but more importantly the letters and notes that we received justify and vindicate everything that we are trying to accomplish with this tribe.




We want to take this opportunity to publically thank our Tribe members.  Without you, we are just 4 people that discuss/obsess/over think things like workouts/locations/ logistics/and social media posting.  You are the people that make the community what it is.  Each Tribe member contributes the positive energy and accountability that makes this movement different from anything that any of us have ever been a part of.  Each one of you has a personal stake in this community that we have created and that is something that we all should be proud of.



Today’s Positivity Award winner is one half on #NP_NO’s favorite Graham’s (Sorry Brogan and Dan, y’all were a close second). Caity is pure and simple, one of the happiest and friendliest members of the tribe that just happens to also be a badass runner. Look out Philly Marathon and #NP_PHL she is coming for ya! Caity, thank you for being such an inspiring Tribe member.

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