Let the Fog Roll (NYC)

4:00 a.m. Alarm. Snooze.  4:33 a.m. Alarm. GO TIME.  Wake up, take a morning visit to the facilities in my apartment, possible coffee tasting, out the door by 5:07 a.m.  Get on the bike, over the bridge, up the hill.  Flagpole.  Hugs.  Bounce.  Bounce. Bounce.  BOOM.

We all wake up and have our own routines.  From the moment your head hits the pillow and the ZZZzzzz start rolling to the bounce we are all in a state of “Huh? Am I even up yet?” Then the bounce.  That is when all the energy really starts to come out of the tribe.  Even mornings where we cannot see that sun.  The sun is what rises every morning with us, but sometimes it decides to not show up.  Today, the sun was hitting the snooze button a few too many times. (And no, we aren’t going to do a “We Missed You, Sun” post; its just not our style).  But guess who did show up?
IMG_1874   IMG_1990

These 100+ people came out because they told someone they would be here.  They told you, they told me, they told THEMSELVES that they had an obligation to the tribe to be there.  We are there for you and you are there for us.  Pushing ourselves to the limit. Pushing the clover course, the 10 push ups, the 10 dips, the 10 step ups.  Pushing. Pushing. Pushing.

Today, the Postivity Award went to one our first members, a member who had been around since pledging.  He sets the tone at each workout, set the tone in Madison when he rolled through finishing his 50k right before the gun went off for the Marathon Relay.  He raced the NYCM and was the first to roll through #Mile14.  Myles pushes the tribe, he celebrates each person’s achievements and finds ways to push himself by others hitting their goals.  He is NP to the core.  Fucking Myles.

FRIDAY: Columbus Circle, Central Park side.  Look for some NP faces, #GrassrootsGear and you will know you are in the right place.  6:28am.

Recruiting papers: Coming soon, be on the lookout for the announcement at the workout on Friday or this weekend.  Start collecting your cardboard, delicious Triscuit Cracker boxes, beer boxes, etc.




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