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“Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance traveled from where you started. – Pre

Following the Prefontaine Classic of this past weekend, the national fitness community took to celebration of National Running Day today, and the November Project- Chicago tribe was no exception. Hearkening these words of Pre himself, we recognize the efforts of every single tribe member- familiar or new, young or old, professional or weekend warrior- to ring true. The foundation of our community is our #justshowup mantra, and with each advancing week we’ve been so glad to welcome new faces in greater numbers at both our Wednesday and Friday workouts. Today was no exception, with a multitude of new tribespeople thickening the herd. For them, for this creed, and in honor of the day, we took to the track, our favorite “least-favorite” place to run.

Today’s workout had a little something for everyone: classic 200m running, hills, planks, jumping jacks, crawling through teammates’ legs, and good ol’ fashioned Ro-Sham-Bo elimination. The 20min circuit was simple: in teams of three, one member runs a 200m while the other two members either hold a plank-variation or do jumping jacks, respectively, at the distance of the width of the football field. To advance the team, the runner had to hurdle the planker, the planker had to sprint the width of the field, then ultimately crawl through the legs of the jumping-jacker. The jumping-jacker then ran. When the circuit’s time was complete, the collective group did two hill sprints on the infamous Cricket Hill before engaging in an elimination Ro-Sham-Bo/Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. Losing parties had another hill to conquer. Beverly “Crusher” did just that and dominated the field. Then, of course: sexy photo time.

We had our honorary tribes-baby, Marjorie Matilda Pan, join today. She wore a beautiful “I love my tribe” shirt and was adored by all. In case you’re reading this, Marjorie: we love you, too. All who now hold you will be called Pan-handlers … and in this instance, trust us: it’s a good thing. Though it’s likely we have different interpretations of the term “burpee” … you are since birth, and forever, one of us.

On the other end of the spectrum, today was our favorite cheerleader/photographer/Canadian’s last Wednesday workout: We salute (and will greatly miss) you, Bonnie Abramsky. She will soon leave our balmy Chicago climes for marriage and a new (low-temp) life in Canada. Though your presence and artistic eye will leave a void in our familiar routine, we collectively wish you nothing but success and happiness in life and love. You’re getting married!

In summary: today’s workout was, as running is known to be, filled with highs and lows. So, today we can call National Running Day a success. And with running, as with life, each step forward counts. Thanks to all who showed up this morning to start your day and take that step with us. See you again soon!

– Kev

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