We are home.


We are home…back to Shaw Millennium Skate Park. It was so good to be there, rain or shine, weatherproof, it was the only way to wake up on a Wednesday. New faces, that are damn committed already, and amazing to hug.

Here it is, I gave you my number, you called it up, you dashed well placed circles, you ran up skate ramps, you did push ups gracefully, you went through phone numbers like they were prospective dates, and you won my heart! You heard me say it ‘this warms my heart’, I meant it….here comes the cheese, you all need a dose of it! This tribe is growing, its getting stronger, its more fierce, every Monday and Wednesday, and the request has been made, and the wish has been granted, we are adding Friday’s. Starting tomorrow, June will be a tester, Friday pop ups will happen, the key to keeping Friday’s, is by showing up, simple, easy, that’s it!

This weekend, your two leaders will be repping grassroots gear, running the Banff Jasper Relay, which a team for next year is already in the works! Next weekend, join us (multiple November Project Members) when we take on the second of five trail runs from ‘5 Peaks’, we are so getting ready for Utah! Don’t forget to get your training in for the 6km Race the Sun race coming at the end of June, our chance to take on the other cities that are part of this crazy grassroots movement!

Last but definitely not least…..He blows past you like superman, he jumps over obstacles like spiderman, he chases down crime like batman. He shows up, and eats stairs for breakfast like they are soft fluffy pancakes. This Dude is real, and he has amazing strength, not to mention, he gets competitive, and has a great smile. He is Jeff, and he is November Project Calgary.


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