Rocky VI

With our own NPNO heavyweight champ Preston running the show today, we put the tribe through the ultimate training montage.  We started off as we always do, some bouncing some hugs and a bit of stairs.  Then Preston’s Rocky theme of a work out got everyone’s blood pumping.  It all began with sprints up the stairs which were followed by 10 burpees with arms elevated mimicking Rocky. But if you thought that was it, you were mistaken. This being Rocky VI NP style, we had to throw in the full training cycle. The burpees were followed by some ramp action and hoistees.  Then a sprint back to the start for some push-ups to complete one round. We knew this would not be a 12 round fight, but we had a few members power through the cycle multiple times before a technical knockout.  Then to finish the day and stir in some extra fun, we decided to do a planking tabata.



After each leg of the workout tribe members shed layer upon layer of the clothing.  The tribe may have gone slightly overboard when it comes to wardrobe for an above freezing morning. Some members even swore that if you listened closely you could hear NPYEG laughing at us all the way from Canada. We may need some weather motivation from our northern tribes as this little bit of chill scared some people away this morning. Keep it up YEG and all others up there kicking ass snow and blistering winds. We southerners have a few things to learn from yall.


Today’s positivity award goes to Robert.  Robert is new to the tribe and his performance today would have given Sly Stallone a run for his money.  Tackling the stair sprints, burpees, and hoisties all with a huge smile on his face.  This guy just exudes positive energy and is what we love to see.  Robert, you are a deserving recipient of the positivity award and keep up the good work.

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