One Direction + Spice (Girls?) NYC

Today, some people called it cold.  Some people were shivering.  Some people were bundled up.  When you saw those people coming to the flag pole, you had to look into their face, through the scarf and knit cap to see who it was.  Is that Sam? Wait no……. yes. NO, its not……… YES.  It gets pretty hard to see what those faces are under all those layers.  With a slight breeze off the water, we had some chilly temps out there.  Everyone was layered up and we all started warming up pretty quick with today’s workout.



Today was endurance day.  Plain and simple.  Run one mansion loop, pop up the steps, 5 burpees, then head back out.  40 mins, as many as you can do.  Push, push yourself, push each other, push, push, push.  We push each other for to better ourselves.  Even the injured person can be out there giving encouragement, pushing people to push themselves hard, faster, stronger.  Then through this nifty new tracking site, we can see how we all did! Make sure you log in to drop your reps and see how everyone else did.


These next months are where that encouragement is going to be really needed.  The Positivity that our tribe brings week after week is going to SOAR.  We are the strongest, fittest group in New York Fucking City.  People who are scared of the cold sitting in there beds this morning missed out on some fun.  The fact that through thick and thin, you have all come out to get sweaty, You are fierce, you are fire, you are hot, your are spicy.  Don’t change, NYC.  Don’t ever fucking change.

TONIGHT: Characters, 54th between Broadway and 8th.  #RecruitingPapers will be made, beers will be drunk, smiles will be all around.  7:12 PM.

FRIDAY: Tompkins Square Park, 9th and Ave A.  Drop your #VERBAL for the workout on the NP-NYC page.

NEXT WEDNESDAY: #GrassrootsGear day we will ONLY be tagging Xmas sweaters and/or sweatshirts, sweaters that will be used to make a Christmas sweater.



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