I know we’ve all experienced this…You’re chatting with someone that you’ve talked to at least the last couple of workouts and yet you don’t know their name and you think to yourself…well I can’t ask now, it would be weird…GET OVER IT! Ha…they are probably thinking the same thing!

People often comment on how cool it is that I know people’s names..I know that Tanis set a goal of knowing more names than me…I think we’re probably tied now…There isn’t a trick to it, its just about asking people. I know there are some of you that I’ve probably asked multiple times. I know that there are some of you that I’ve called the wrong name multiple times (sorry John, I now know your name isn’t Josh). I know that I will continue to mix names up or call out to you 5 seconds after you ran by beause it took that long for my early morning brain to find your name or call you Meghan after you have just introduced yourself as Madison.

But there is great power in greeting someone by name…it helps to build our community…it increases our sense of belonging to the tribe…it helps to push each of us that little harder when we are being called to task. So, if you catch yourself thinking…shoot, I can’t remember her name…I am giving you official permission to JUST ASK!

Friday I look forward to learning many more names, some of them again for a second, third, tenth time! See you all at Emily Murphy Hill 6 AM! Drop your verbals here


Thursday, November 27  7 pm – 9 pm – MEC Club night (come for a fun evening of shopping and prizes, wear your #grassrootsgear and received 10% discount on your purchase)

Saturday, December 13  5 pm – midnight – Check out this link for more information



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