Rocks, Papers, Scissors and Horns

Every once in a while, the three co-leaders come together and hatch crazy plans. Some of these brainstorm sessions result in wildly ridiculous workouts involving lassos, farm stand produce  and miniature horses. Sadly, those workouts don’t always come to fruition. However, even occasionally someone writes an incredibly hard workout…and we decide it needs a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.  Sure, why not.

We got skillz

Today we worked hard. Nothing new there. A whole shittank of newbies rolled in…also awesome. Then Pat and I sat back and watched folks don sweaty horn hats and lead each other in TABATA style workouts. We don’t even know why we show up anymore, the tribe seems to have this all figured out. Maybe Pat, Sydney and I will take a 17 city November Project tour and let our band of hooligans run things themselves.


Proud of all you folks that put on the horn hat and barked out directions…QUESTIONING you folks that actually listened to a person in a horn hat. Our judgement is cloudy at best that early in the morning.

You’re all rad. Keep taking big bites out of life.

Also, 5:30. We love you.

All grown up. #cantstayyoungforever #theygrowup (Check that small teddy bear dog. Nicky!)

Lastly…our guy Maurice. What can we say about him. He’s positive, dashing, charming and well versed in donning sweaty gloves. We love this cat. He picks us up when we’re down and pushes us through the hardest parts of our workouts. If you don’t know him…GET TO KNOW HIM. This week’s positivity award winner is Maurice and he deserves the shit out of it. And it’s all because we recruited him off the street one day. #recruiteveryone. (If you haven’t checked out our girl Allison’s pictures from her escapades with the award last week, get on it!)


For all you folks who fell in love at #BetterthanBedtime. Blog is up. Bmore represent

See you all Friday. I’m getting hungry for some hills.

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