NOLA took the Chevy to the Levee

Back at it again this morning in Audubon Park, our location melodrama still unresolved.  No matter, the heart wants what the heart wants and the Tribe was ready to get after it regardless of location. But really, how do we know we are ever REALLY anywhere anyways? Is this all a construct of our imagination?  Fuck it, who cares, we subscribe to the notion that Cogito Ergo Run… Run we did all the way through Audubon Park to the Levee (for those reading from out of town, yes, THOSE levees).
NOLA is well known for being below sea level and our most famous “hill” is named for monkeys, so we took the initiative and paced our 1mile run to Mt. USACE and attacked that Levee in pairs as if we were each individually mounting the final charge of San Juan Hill with good ole T.R. himself.  20mins of one partner sprinting up the Levee paying the burpee toll and returning while their partner performed air squats in anticipation of their subsequent turn was enough to get a good sweat going for everyone.  But why stop there? The Tribe then made the mile run back to our meeting location and prepared to tackle our other challenge this morning.

Thanks to Tribe members Joey and Darin, NPNO was drawn into the ALS ice bucket challenge.  Lots of different think pieces going around about the efficacy of these efforts, but the issue is close to our hearts here in NOLA with Team Gleason and #NoWhiteFlags being one of our City’s own.  So we accepted and we are in turn challenging all of the other 16 tribes to raise awareness in each of your own ways as well.  To provide meaning to the fun, we here at NPNO will be making a donation on behalf of NPNO to the Team Gleason organization in addition to dumping ice on our heads (which also felt really freaking good after being out in this humidity). Thanks to all of the Tribe members that were willing to get wet with us today! Good luck and goodnight, until next week and the NP world takeover. Peace

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