Electrifying, Death defying, What the hell is that noise?! (SD)

Here is San Diego we don’t usually have issues with old Mo Nature. That whole “weatherproof” thing is a little lost on us (sorry, we’re not sorry). But holy hell Mo Na, timing is not your thing. I mean, when is there truly a good time for a tsumani? And I’m sure earthquakes are never typically viewed as convenient. But last Sunday, when Noah’s bloody Ark is supposed to sail in a biblical sized storm, what do you do? 85 degrees and sunny. When we meet at Kate Sessions (note the wide open spaces) for our monthly Dirty 30? Thunder and Lightening. You Bitch.
After today’s workout however, I’m not sure if our tribe will be calling Mother Nature the B-dizzle or if that applies to us..or me..again.. sorry I’m not sorry. But lets focus on the important facts of today:
1. No one was struck by lightening (Thank you anyway Luke for being the tallest, and therefore, first sacrificial tribe member)
2. Natalie did NOT have to do 35 Burpees alone (Note the consequences of playing BuckHunter with Padula)
3. Eugene proved he has sweet dance moves…and names them after creepy bus drivers
4. No one liked my classical music selection
5. Red Light – Green Light is a lot harder than we remembered from elementary school
6. The tribe continues, every week, to get a little sweatier, a little bigger and a little better at hugging strangers!
I’d call today a win.

photo 1

Be Happy! Be strong! Be BRIGHT SD!

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