#RippedByZip Vol. 1 (And lots of announcements!)

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A lot of people reached out to me after I became a leader. Here are a couple of common things I heard: “Zip, will we be able to get strong now?” “Does this mean I don’t have to watch Paddy and Dan do pushups?” “Can we become the most jacked tribe?” The answer is yes, obviously. Sure Brogan has a twitter account for his abs, but who doesn’t? This is a mantle I’m willing to carry. To get the SF tribe ripped.  Here’s how #RippedByZip was born.

About a year and a half ago I moved to Oakland to live with Sunny and Molly. Two of the biggest badasses the Bay Area has ever known. Sunny once used to be a professional cyclist and Molly once stared a mountain lion in the face and got it to pee itself. Both true actually.

Aspiring to be like these wonder women I invited myself to run with them around the lake in Oakland. Still discovering my voice as a leader, I’d lightly suggest that we stop at various spots and do exercises. Our favorite of these by far was The Bar. A basic pullup bar with three different heights, this legendary structure still stands today as a beacon for #freefitness everywhere. After a few runs that always seemed to lead to The Bar, Molly and Sunny started calling these runs Ripped By Zip runs. Naturally a workout DVD series was discussed for which the rights are still up for grabs. Just sayin.

Today, the tribe did their own Ripped By Zip run. After a lap around the park and finding a partner, each pair did 10 hoistees together and began their loop of the park. At one corner they did leg throw downs and then they wheelbarrowed up a hill!

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(make a weird face if today is your birthday…)

Beast mode. All of you. At the top they did partner pushups and then continued around to the next two corners for eye contact squats (just what they sound like, hope this is what you all actually did) and wall-sit dips.

And now, we’ve all done a #RippedByZip run. Thanks for making me a cool hashtag Molly and Sunny!

ANNOUNCEMENTS (lots of good stuff here):

Friday hills are at Ocean Beach. WE WILL BE TAGGING. We’ll try to get to everyone. Try not to bring 8 things for us to tag though if you can help it. We’re limited by how much spray paint we have and how high Paddy, Dan, and I get.

There’s a cheergang for the Kaiser Half Marathon. More info here. Thanks again to Aoife and Alex for organizing.

As a reminder and general announcement, try to be quiet at Alta Plaza when we’re running around. Being weird is what we’re about but talking to cops is not something anyone wants to do. Stay awesome.

Finally (drumroll please…) there’s new NP Homework! Read up on it. We’ll have more buffs in case people don’t have one yet. Contest starts Friday and ends next Thursday.  This is a really fun way to engage with all the tribes and show everyone how much faster, sexier, cooler, and weirder we are. I expect great things.

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