Spring Training (DEN)

530 Love Fest
    530 Love Fest


  • Our city just won the fucking Super Bowl.  Suck it, Boston.  But we love you anyway.  Except you, Tom Brady.
  • Capitol stairs crushing repeats while our partners did box jumps, dips, with Salt n Pepa in the form of fire drills and super slo-mo push ups.
  • Turbo inspired us post-workout with tales (lies) of him having friends after college.
  • Dance parties
  • General Molly really, really digs the Biebs.  

Now that Coldplay is off the stage and the Super Bowl is over, we can move on to bigger and better things.  Baseball is right around the corner, which means sunshine and drunk afternoons at Coors Field.  BUT, before all that we have spring training.

Spring training is that magical time of year when overweight, moderately athletic, nearing middle-aged men get together in tight pants to practice swinging a wooden stick at a little white ball that is thrown by yet another overweight, moderately athletic, nearing middle-aged man.

Our spring training, my cherubs, has been a little different.  For the past 3 months of winter you all have continued to #justshowup in the dark, cold mornings, committing yourselves not just to your own personal fitness and health goals, but also to each other.  We get it.  Getting up early when it’s dark and cold outside is harder than pooping after eating a block of sharp cheddar.  It’s uncomfortable, your eyes are closed, maybe you’re already sweating…  Still, you’ve continued to show up, hug strangers, workout, and leave others better than you’ve found them.  That, my cherubs, is what this #worldtakeover is all about.

This winter has been our spring training.  We’re simply shaking off the rust for race season and having shit loads of fun in the process.  We’ll be fitter, faster, and happier as race season gets fully underway.

This morning was fun, funky, and fresh as hell.  Let’s keep it that way.


Major Woody

615 Boy Band analbumcover
615 Boy Band analbumcover

FRI: 530/615 @ Hirshorn Park 3000 Tejon St.

Feb. 20th: Cupid’s Undie Run – 50% off with promo code YALLGOOD

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