Reunited! (Ottawa)

So. Many. Feelings.





Also wet.

And full of bagels.

And so much love.

Pictures are worth about 1000 words, right? And in this economy, these ones must be worth at least twice that. So, for today, we’ll let the pictures do the talking and just say this: thank you for showing up this morning. Thank you for smiling through the rain. Thank you for all the feelings. It was an honour to move with you (in person!) this morning. Let’s not wait another 490 days before doing it again. 

A beautiful morning for push-ups with beautiful people.

Dogs of NP Ottawa. The best looking dogs in town, objectively.

Running between stations. Maybe it’s drier at the next one?

Yeah, totally dry over here.

If this picture could speak, it would obviously say: I’M A STAR!

Just some PDD. You know, physically distanced dips.

Just think, you could be THIS happy about playing in the rain

Baby Cohen’s first NP?!

Have a great week. In case this wasn’t clear, we are SO glad you’re here.

Rebecca & Becca


  1. Yearbook photos will be published in a few weeks (they need some time to dry)
  2. We’ll be back at Lansdowne in person again next week. Tell a friend! 
  3. Pet a dog.

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