Don’t call it a comeback (but do)

Totally call it a comeback cuz that’s what it is!

We back.

As long as it’s deemed safe to do so, we back – July 14!

Um… maybe a bit of practice in is order first?

I’ve been thinking about all the NP things I’ve really missed over the past year and a bit.

Like our friend Steve Baker says, it’s not about the workout.

It’s always been about you. It’s you who I miss. It’s each other who you miss.

The bounce. A quick chat on the side. What’s in the bag (and how it caused all us adults to go nuts for handmade buttons… that was epic). Birthday booms. A summer sweaty hug (which is really different than a winter sweaty hug). A homemade treat. A new friend (who you just met when you were asked to find a partner). Staring directly into the sun. Costumes… when it’s not even Halloween. A tidal wave. Andrew’s face on a shirt (many times). Dragon boat racing. Tryna stay warm in -30C. A notice that hills are always hard, no matter how many #hillsforbreakfast are had. Just showing up.

I miss all of it.

I’ve heard from many of you… you miss NP too.

Well, we back! July 14 is gonna be a big day.

…. and it’s birthday week y’all. Yeah, it’s gonna be a good week ahead!


  • If you haven’t yet completed the global waiver (it’s new), please do so before attending your first post-covid, in-person workout. It’s here.
  • On the honour system, fill out this digital sign in sheet before attending any NP workout. In the event we need to contact you about a workout, we’ll know who to reach out to! It’s here. It’s also on our IG profile in our linktree.
  • Keep your eyes peeled to our social media feeds for our workout location on July 14!


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