Fresh Air (YEG)

“I’ve missed this more than I thought,” “I haven’t seen you in forever,” “this is fun,” were a few of phrases that I overheard this morning that really captured how I felt to a T. Thank you to everyone who chose to show up this morning – you made a difference in mine and everyone’s day. Truly the entire morning felt like I could finally breathe. Any concern logistically after a year away just wasn’t there and instead there was the ability to just have fun. The indescribable magic of it all clicked into place without any issue and with it…NP in Edmonton was back.

I hope you had fun. I hope we get to see you on Friday. I hope you were able to remember how awesome this community is. Pictures are worth a thousand words and Steven Csorba’s photos speak millions so I am going to keep this blog short and tell you to click the link below and go through the shots from this morning.

I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face all day and I can’t say enough about how much your presence means to everyone. We will continue to take measures to be as safe and respectful as possible during this time in the pandemic. Things will be a little different, we’ll adapt if we need to, but we’ll move through this time together as a community of truly amazing people.

NP will always be a free workout group that’s so much more than the workout. All you have to do is…#JustShowUp

Keep being awesome,



  • We’ll see you on friday at Walterdale hill
  • Sign the global waiver

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