Regular Irregulars (BOS)

You know who the “regulars” are. They’re the NP folks who show up to everything. They’re at just about every single workout–and in Boston, sometimes their recorded attendance is more consistent than any individual co-leader’s (how is that even possible?!) They show up to all the social events, any volunteer thing, they like the photos, they actually know where Monday’s workout is going to be…you know, the regulars.

But do you know who the irregulars are? They’re not the steadfast r e g u l a r s, but they’re not newbies, and they’re also not unknown humans to the rest of us. They come to NP. They’re a part of the community. And they attend workouts and other things frequently enough that they know what’s up…but infrequently enough to not have a regular pattern or schedule of attendance. They’re irregulars. And when that’s your status for long enough, you become regular irregulars. We can count on you to be around now and then, and your heart is 100% in it. And we know there will be bouts of time when we don’t see you. But then there you are and it’s like we haven’t skipped a beat.

So today, a couple of dudes showed up to the workout and they’re absolutely regular irregulars. They’re the freaking best. They remind me how great it is to see NP members who I haven’t seen in a while and to just be STOKED about seeing them…not even the slightest pause happens in my brain to wonder how long it’s been or cast a judgmental look before I hug them. It’s just great to see awesome human beings. And after the workout, we joked about them being irregulars…and how amazing it is for them to have been a part of NP for such a long time and to still show up to experience brand new things.

We tried out a new stadium workout, called the #centipede. The name is a throwback to the old days of Atari arcade games because the workout directed our route today to run up and down the small, crimson stairs in certain sections of the stadium. That’s right, you read correctly. We ran UP the small stairs in some sections, and down the small stairs in the next sections–traversing 10 sections–and then did 5 sections going up the big seats and down the small stairs in between. Anyone who got all the way around the stadium exited underneath, sprinted back to the start at 37 and repeated the centipede journey.

Lesson of the day: don’t underestimate the small stairs. You thought 31 gigantic steps were tough to get up, but 62 legitimately-sized stairs at rapid fire is anything but easy. Even for those regulars, and the irregulars too, today was a good reminder that we can always get out of our comfort zone, change things up just a little bit, and play with the rhythm–because it helps us focus on what really matters to us. And for a whole lot of us, what matters on Wed morning at 5:30 or 6:30am is getting ourselves up and out, showing up and working out, moving in our city, and starting our day in a way that makes us smile, connect, sweat, and appreciate how good all that feels.

So be a regular. Or be irregular. Be regularly irregular. Or don’t. But move. Move in ways that are comfortable and familiar. And also move in ways that are different. Because we need it all.

next wednesday

PR Day is coming. 9/25 is the last wednesday of the month, which means we’ll be racing for our own personal records: a full tour as fast as you can or as far as you can in the time allotted. Faster or farther than YOU have ever gone earns you a PR. Come race yourself with the greatest community of supporters you’ll ever find. Same place: Harvard Stadium. 5:30am or 6:30am.

We will also be tagging #grassrootsgear, so please bring your shirts, tops, jackets, in any color but black (as the paint is ONLY black) and the #paintcrew will fix your clothes to be way more NOVEMBER PROJECTy.

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