Anyone who has been involved in a sports team or enjoyed watching sports knows that the captain is someone who is dedicated to the group. Captains typically wears a bright sleeve on their arm or leg that flags them as the captain. They are the leaders, the people others are looking for when they show up places, they are wonderful assets to the group, they know people’s names and welcome others among many many other things! Well, as you know, November Project is not quite a sports team but we do share some important qualities and that is exactly why we felt that a captain’s sleeve would be a perfect trophy for our city’s “Peer to Peer” award. Honorees get the chance to wear that sleeve on their arms during workouts/races/dates/group runs/to work or any other place they go if they so decide!!!!

BUT WHAT IS A PEER TO PEER AWARD?  It is exactly what it sounds like. This is your (you being everyone that attends November Project Baltimore but are not co-leaders) chance to recognize other amazing people and things that are happening at our workouts and in our community that we may not always see as the co-leaders. There are no rules involved concerning when it get’s given out. It does not need to be every week. It can be given out at a Wednesday or a Friday workout and the prior winner will simply let us co-leaders know they are ready to give it to someone who has exhibited qualities they would like to recognize and then they will present it to someone else at the end of our workout.

Dan wears “The Captain’s Sleeve” !!!

This morning we had the absolute pleasure of giving The Captain’s Sleeve to Dan Bunch!!! Dan is a wonderful, loyal, supportive human of November Project and our workouts wouldn’t be the same without him! He shows up all year round in all the weather and encourages everyone around him. Dan has frequently notified us co-leaders when we have not yet recognized others with the Positivity Award. He is always noticing others at our workouts and other extracurricular NP events so he was the natural choice for us to recognize and honor with the first giving of this award. It honors his spirit and we can’t wait to watch this thing move through Baltimore.

TLDR: This morning we had the pleasure of welcoming a new tradition into November Project Baltimore. We gave The Captain’s Sleeve to Dan Bunch and indoctrinated it as a “Peer to Peer” award. We are really really jazzed to watch this grow among folks in Baltimore and take on a life of it’s own!!!

SEE YOU FRIDAY! Last week Lizzie said “x’s and bohs” and I liked it…soooo



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