52 – Get Hyped (YEG)

You aren’t alone in these workouts. There are hundreds of people around the globe that are working out in the mornings too. 52 cities filled with amazing humans. 52!!! Everyone together, being a part of this free fitness movement. Peoples lives change – I know mine sure has.

The winter season is always harder – we know. Those layers can be difficult to put on. The drive to hit snooze is strong.

This blog is about hype. I want to showcase this amazing thing we have built as a collective community. Step 1, here are some examples of what went down today around the globe:

Step 2, watch these videos, send this blog around, and get hyped. It’s going to be a kick ass winter and it’s going to be fucking better with you there, I promise.

Not everyone reads these blogs and that’s ok but we all know that one person that is on fence about this whole cold weather thing. This movement is more than the cold.

Step 3, reminder: THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!!! JUST SHOW UP!!!! NO REGISTRATION – NO FITNESS LEVEL REQUIRED – JUST SHOW UP!!! Maybe you’ve been coming for years, maybe you’ve been away for years, or maybe you’ve never been before. None of that matters, just get hyped.

Keep being awesome,



Friday: Walterdale Hill

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