Redlining the Morning (BOS)

No one ever shows up for the stadium and finishes the NP workout thinking, “welp, that was easy.”

It just doesn’t happen. What does happen is some variation of “holy shit, that kicked my ass.” “wow, that was hard.” “…does that ever get easier?!?” “that sucked…aaaaaand I’ll be back next week.” “I need to tell [insert all your friends’ names] about this, they’d love it.” or “I’m glad I showed up.”

And the amazing thing about November Project is that you all show up and we throw out these incredible challenges that are not simply “go up and down the stairs.” But instead, they’re like: do more stairs than usual…throw in some pushups and squats…do these sections as fast as you can. And you might hear the workout described and be all, “I don’t want to.” “I wouldn’t do that on my own.” “That’s crazy.” or “I don’t think I can.”






You don’t know exactly what you’re going to get when you #justshowup, and that’s both challenging sometimes, but amazing other times because it absolutely stretches you out of your comfort zone. Or it takes you 2 steps beyond the comfort zone because showing up was already a big leap for you. And while you’re doing it, you’re not even sure how you’re doing it. And that’s why you keep coming back. Because on a day like this morning–the Redline workout (no relation to the MBTA system in Boston)–is one of those killer workouts that stretches your mind and mental strength just as much as it tests your legs, lungs, and endurance.

The Redline is simply this: do the stairs, like usual. Up the big seats and down the small crimson stairs. And then when you hear the cowbell ring–for 90 whole seconds–go hard. Go harder than you were. Go as hard as you can up and down as many sections you can get while the bell is ringing. And then when it stops…get your heart rate back below the redline…take a section to settle…then get back to your steady state workout.

It takes grit.

And you might not realize you have it. But if you never challenge yourself in that way, you don’t ever discover what you’re capable of. The redline gets you out of your comfort zone and that discomfort lasts a little bit. You’re definitely more differently tired than you usually are. But keep at it, and this is the kind of work that expands what “usual” is for your body. This is what we’re all doing together. Redlining through the morning–we’re getting stronger and faster and fitter and mentally tougher than we ever are on our own. That shit is powerful. That shit is so good.

The invitation was clear to everyone who sat at the group photo for 5:30 and 6:30 this morning, and now it’s extending to everyone of you reading this–take that goodness, that grit, that gawd-awful-discomfort-that-turns-into-gratitude-and-pride…all that you acquired from the Redline this morning (or from any NP workout ever that kicked your ass) and go share that with someone else in the world. Take that subtle difference in how you see yourself, simply because you first thought, “I can’t do that” or “I don’t want to do that,” and then you did that thing so there you golook at you goyou can do those kinds of things…and offer that sense of “I believe in you” or “you can do it” or “go ahead and get gritty” to someone else.

Because everyone needs that today.

Thanks for showing up today November Project Boston. Today mattered.

and P.S. if your attendance record is 100% for Wednesdays in 2020, keep at it. We’re giving a car to anyone who attends every single Wednesday with us this year. #verbal


FRIDAY 1/10 is WOahMAN. You know, the triathlon of NP_BOS workouts into one amazing and gigantic fitness event? Run from Summit Ave (our normal Friday location) to the stadium…run a full tour…run back to Summit Ave…do 25 burpees, run a full hill…25 more burpees and a final full hill. That’s all. We start at 5am. We wear our own racing bibs from any race ever. We bring warm dry clothes to change into afterwards. (There will be a place to change that is private) We bring our own water. And we bring our best NP energy. More details in the lower section of THIS BLOG. #JustShowUp.

Regular 6:30am workout/hills will also happen on Friday.

MONDAY 1/13 at 6:29am our #destinationdeck workout will be at Bunker Hill Community College. The school, not the monument. MAP RIGHT HERE.

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