London Bridges Falling down (Ottawa)

This title has nothing to do with the workout and everything to do with the “bounce” we did to start the morning off. We sang and played a game you may or may not have played since Junior kindergarten. Just a reminder not to take ourselves so seriously. Some how those mornings bring that kind of spirit out in us, even if weird, you know nobody is judging you for singing and laughing and enjoying the childish entertainment. We played on a bridge, ran around, worked with a team and moved our incredible bodies.

Today we played on the new Flora Bridge, over the canal. We greeted morning commuters with smiles and enthusiastic “good mornings!” Some were more pleased than others and cheered right back for us. Some were less impressed with the numerous people overtaking their regular bridge crossing. I believe you can only control what you put out, and if that is positive energy, you don’t know what you will get back in return. Whatever response you get back, know putting the good out there, you may never know how you could be impacting someone else’s day.

Another exciting gathering on an Ottawa bridge that creates memories. Memories we recall as we run, walk, bike, or drive past those bridges throughout the rest of the year.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your energy, your smiles, hugs and movement time with us. Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Liz and Lauren

P.S. GREAT sharp birthday boom this morning. Seriously, maybe the best one ever?


  1. Next week we are at the Adàwe Bridge over the Rideau River (i.e. the bridge with the big mirror ball, you know the one)
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