Re-Introducing Chris Heuisler

Below is a letter by our man Chris Heuisler. Please take time to read what Chris Heuisler has written. For those of you heading to the #NPSUMMIT 4.0 next month, you’ll hug Chris Heuisler in person. For everyone else… hang tight, Chris Heuisler is most likely dropping in on your tribe any day now – The dude travels. And the NP Olympics that he’s talking about, you’ll know more soon. Without any further disruption or name dropping, I give you… the one and only… Chris Heuisler!

Dear November Project,

I first “met” Brogan and The November Project over the phone just about three years ago when I was tasked by my new employer, Westin, to feel out this new “free fitness group.” My first question to BG was to describe where he envisioned NP going in the next 3-5 years and his exact words were, “World Fucking Takeover, bro.” Over the next 10 or so minutes, I tried to extract real sentences from BG, but only managed to continually get harassed by one command: “Just fucking show up. Just show up, RunWestin.”

I hung up the phone and quickly relayed my impressions to the Westin team: “They’re a joke. Stay away. We want nothing to do with them.” One month after that declaration I found myself standing next to BG at an elevator shaft in the New Balance building here in Boston. I didn’t realize he worked for New Balance, one of our partners.

“Are you Brogan?” I inquired.

“YEAH!” he answered with the enthusiasm of a dog, who was just asked if he wanted to play fetch.

“Um. I’m Chris. That dude you talked to on the phone from Westin?”

“Fuck yeah!” And he swallowed me in a full-body hug which lasted a few seconds longer than your average, first meeting hug. And it was in this exact moment when I thought to myself, “Oh man. I may have messed up. This hug feels pretty good.”

So I showed up to my first NP workout the next morning and within seconds of the bounce, I accepted my mistake: I judged NP based on a phone call; I didn’t take BG’s advice to just show up.

Now, three years later, I consider BG and Bojan two incredible friends (as we all do) and Westin is hosting the first ever NP Olympics at your #NPSUMMIT 4.0. Why? Because we learned, both through my own experiences as well as many other Westin associates around the US and Canada who continue to show up, that our missions align nicely. We want to help people stay fit and healthy on the road. NP wants people to stay fit, but even more, to spread positivity in a world, which clearly needs more of just that.

On behalf of Westin and from the very bottom of my heart: thank you for everything you each do to make this world better. It’s one thing to encourage people to “just show up,” it’s another thing entirely to accept every single human being who does with open arms.




(Photos – Top to Bottom: Chris Heuisler’s Yearbook Photo 11/5/14 (Boston, MA), With Bojan & BG on 4/12/16 Launch Day of November Project The Book (Westin Copley, Boston, MA), With RunWestin Team, Laura McCloskey, & Bojan 1/16 (Phoenix, AZ) – Thanks for the love & support over all of these years Chris)

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