Ramp Up (DC)

We’re going speed in the blog today. Quick recap: almost got, semi did, get tossed of the US Tax Court steps today. Capitol? Yes. White House? Sure. US Tax Court? That shit’s locked down.

We said this early in winter. As new people dwindle in the colder months, we’re challenging each of you to go a little bit harder, burpee a little bit faster, and smile as big as always. On accountability, #WeMissedYou’s DO NOT need to come from myself or my stronger bearded colead, they can come from you. If your neighbor slept in and he’s been to NP a “couple of times,” lets write him up. Founded on accountability and thats what drives this community further than run clubs or gym memberships.

Not accountable because of money, accountable because of friendships. 

Who else have noticed the sunrise getting just a bit earlier? Spring…we’re coming for you.

Love is always,

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