Just keep running- BAL

IMG_7866Today was great, as most Fridays are. Everyone was in a good mood, the hill was as steep as ever and folks were  primed for the usual combination of NP weirdness and gnarly hill reps. I could go on about this week and what it meant to us as a community but I think today’s run was a good reminder of it. We woke up, put on our shoes and enjoyed our morning as much as we possibly could.

Sam’s passing  was tough for a lot of us who understand the energy, love and enthusiasm our tribes are made of. As we grow and become ever closer communities tough things are going to happen. Death is at the extreme end of things but other circumstances may arise. People we love seeing in the morning are going to move away, folks are going to change jobs and not be able to swing morning workouts, babies, marriage, injuries, crises…etc. These things come with enjoying life and enjoying our communities. The only thing we really have to fight those moments is each other.

IMG_7870 As a community, we’re going to have bouts of sadness and doubt but, if I have learned anything from this week, it’s that together we are far more powerful than we are apart. I recognize that NP may not be for everyone, BUT, if it is for you make sure you enjoy it as much as possible and squeeze every last  drop of crazy out of it. Let the people you meet change you. Enjoy the fact that a random group of people have gotten together and created a safe space, where all levels and abilities are welcomed and hugging is the norm. It’s our duty to enjoy every morning we get to wake up and race someone to the top of a hill. Some people don’t get that chance.

Awesome work this morning everyone. Keep running, climbing, riding, swimming, racing…keep smiling and keep hugging as hard as you possibly can. Take whatever joy you can muster and spread that shit wherever you go.

Keep taking big bites out of life.

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