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We had a little change-a-roo this week due to the massive snow and our relocation of Wednesday’s workout to the hills.  Because of the need to shovel out Summit Ave on Wednesday, we weren’t able to have our “last Wednesday of the month” race party.  So, today was PR day and the workout was to run your fastest 3 full hills or set a distance PR for the time cutoff at 7:15.  If you didn’t already do it, track your time on the NP Tracker.  Many of you already have and the times are impressive!

Deniz gave us a little validation for showing up, and helped remind us that we are chasing something on these big hills.  A little inspiration for our PR day by Generation UCAN:

todays quote

Today was also another day to celebrate the shit out of having a tribe to be a member of.  I don’t know about you but I lingered a little more on hugs today.  I tried to connect with as many people as possible. As I gave high fives at the top of the hill while you all ran, I thought about how fucking cool it is that you all show up and run in the slushy street, wearing your neon and backwards hats.  It felt like my heart got bigger–swelling with love for this tribe in Boston and our worldwide tribe.  I thought about #FastAsSam and the SF tribe and how we keep each other strong by racing and doing weird shit too. The amazing team of Dooster helps us celebrate all this in a beautiful tribute video for the SF tribe and Sam Dweck from our Wednesday workout.

backwards hat

There were lots of things to celebrate today in addition to the badass racing.  Derrick Shallcross decided to get fit and spread love NP-style by shoveling out fire hydrants starting on Beacon St. and working his way up Summit.  The dude let people help who wanted to by sharing 30 sec speed shoveling sessions.  Fuck yeah, that’s how we do it.


There were birthdays and NP Tribe leaders from Denver, and hard core tribe members moving away to LA.

special people

There was competitive “snow beach” burying in the snow. Four mini-tribes named “NYC, Philly, Baltimore, and DC” raced each other to bury 3 team members as fast as they could.  Snow flew and the work was quickly done.  Why, you ask?  I say, why not? It’s weird and fun and that’s what we do.
snow buryingAnd finally, we celebrate the weekend.  #WeekendEarned after all the shoveling and running and weirdness.  Good luck to all who are racing this weekend.

group photo

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK will be quite near Jamaica Pond.  You know you should just verbal now before the Super Bowl.  No matter what happens the best damn place to be in the whole wide world will be right there…with the tribe, getting fit, being fierce, and showing our city how to live like champions every single (Mon, Wed, Fri)day. #TheTribeIsStrong #SuperBowlHangover


All Buffs are now officially sold out! As of the today, there are no more buffs available for purchase.

There are still 51 unclaimed paid for Buffs! If you have already pre-purchased a Buff, but not picked one up yet, your name will be on the google doc below:

Please pick up your pre-paid for Buff(s) up by Wednesday February 18th. After that, Ryan is going to DisneyWorld, and your purchased Buff(s) become community property, free for #DEE to do with them as they’d like!

  • They will only be available for pick-up at Wednesday and Friday workouts. Find Ryan (crazy tights, bright ass yellow jacket typically). NOT ON MONDAYS. We aren’t going to make him run with a backpack full of Buffs!
  • A friend can (and should) pick them up for you if you aren’t making it to the workout in the next few weeks
  • There will be no refunds. If you fail to pick up your Buffs by Wednesday February 18th, we will assume you decided to donate your Buff(s) to the tribe. That was very nice of you!
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