Animal Kingdom Friday (DEN)

Like Mufasa said to his little lion cub, Simba, on the edge of the Sahara: “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” Word, Disney, word.

Today, the wildlife of NP5280 made their kingdom the vast landscape of Governor’s Park. These mixed weather days have always left the tribe purrrplexed when they lay out their outfits the evening before a workout. You say to yourself, it’s gonna be too warm for flannel tomorrow, but not quite warm enough for the Hawaiian shirt that I dig. What the truck should we wear during these lukewarm, tepid-ish days when we just wanna have fun and wear loose fitting clothing? Enter Cat Shirt Friday. Well, we preach equal animal correctness here in Denver, so our wardrobe for this Friday included shirts featuring all animals from our great Animal Kingdom: past, present, and future.

We are in the development stages for hashtags for this epic new tribe identity. What do you think? #catshirtfridayz ??? #Flanimalz ??? #FitnessFurrballs ??? #PowerAndPurrfection ??? What ever we settle upon, just remember that the more pigs on the farm, the more we eat, i.e. #RecruitMoreRacers.

Oh ya, we did the Phone Number Station workout today. Wally shook her Flo-Rida Rump. Molly, as you can tell, things have gone to shit since you left us, come back soon, ya hear.

Live your weekend Large,


WED 530/615A: We hip-hop-apotamus upon the Capitol Bldg Stairs for free fitness splendor (14th & Lincoln, Denver)

Do your “” homework. #NP_Homework on Instagram to win some wickedly awesomely cool tribal gear. Homework is Due Sunday. Post it before your dog eats it.

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