Rain Halts Traffic, Not Workout in San Francisco

Let’s get real, people. This was not our first run in the rain. San Francisco is actually one of the rainier cities in California, but we have been pampered the last few months with a fake winter. A Fauxinter, if you would. So naturally when I crawled out of bed this morning  (sometimes I actually crawl on all 4’s to the bathroom) and heard the torrential rain outside my window I contemplated not going to NP. I thought, “ehhhhhh, there’s a 70% chance Clayton will show up today, a 4% chance he will be on time, and a 92% chance that if neither of us show up that Paddy will lead the workout and declare it some sort of National Irish holiday.” Those were good odds.

Like you, however, the runner’s guilt in the back of my head started screaming. I knew everyone would be there. I knew the workout would go down and I would wake up at 7, no more well rested, with a severe case of FINHTW (Fuck I now have to workout). So with 60ish of our most dedicated and bad ass tribe members, I pedaled my little heart out until I reached Alamo Square. And I got inspired by all the hard work that was put into today’s PR Wednesday. A new champion was crowned. A finisher tunnel dance party was started. And everyone sleeping at home got a little bit softer, a little rounder, and a little weaker. That’s right, I just called out all the sleepyheads that were afraid of the falling sky this morning. Turns out…it’s just water after all.

Results for PR Wednesday:

10153707_10152057025775003_1640997874_n 1959805_10152057026130003_2133767215_n


1.Paddy:   18:23
2. Andrew H.:  18:31
3. Ben: 18:49
4. Connor A.: 19:18
5. Pete: 19:26
6. Ian: 19:39
7. Gil: 23:03
8. Dan M.: 23:10
10. Mark: 23:27

1. Malana: 22:26
2. Shannon: 22:37
3. Rachel: 24:50
4. Viv: 24:54
5. Katie: 25:17
6. Jackelyn: 25:54
7. Lillian: 27:07
8. Jane: 28:12
9. Becky: 28:25
10. Gabbi: 28:43


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