No Need Mo’ Nature…we got this (SAN)

The forecast called for rain. No need Mo’ Nature! The grounds of San Diego are throughly saturated with the salty, sweet, sweat of the NPSD tribe. In fact Mo’ Na, why don’t you just forget that silly rain talk, and give us our usual dose sunshine…yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. We don’t need our tribe members feeling all Vitamin D deficient, especially when pretty much everyone PR’d today! Yup, you heard me. It’s not rocket science. It’s really pretty simple:

When you come to November Project:
1. You get stronger
2. You get faster
3. You take over the world and get to tell Mother Nature what to do.

When you do not come to November Project:
1. You get FOMO
2. You join an internet site to relieve your FOMO
3. You get slower and weaker from sitting on the internet all day to cure your FOMO
4. Your identity gets stolen from an internet hijacker
5. Internet hijacker uses your information to buy black market Bengal Tigers
6. Internet hijacker loses black market Bengal Tigers during transport
7. Good Samaritan finds lost black market Bengal Tigers and returns them to your address.
7. You’re too slow to run away from the black market Bengal Tigers
8. You get eaten by the black market Bengal Tigers

Don’t get eaten by black market Bengal Tigers. Come to November Project.

Great job today NPSD – Good luck to all those running Carlsbad this weekend – we’ll see everyone else at Duck Dive in Pacific Beach for the after party! Check the Facebook inter-webs for details!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!


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