Last Group Post of #Turbo15

Enjoy it folks! This post marks the last Wednesday blog recap where BOS, MSP, MKE, LAX, SMF, and NYC will be writing together. Starting next week, each of these tribes will get the keys to the blog post and we’ll be producing posts on their own. We’re excited and so are they not see any more email remainders from BG and Bojan. Enjoy!



Wind… mother f’n wind! It rolled in, froze out bones but most importantly prevented us from tagging gear. As you know last Wednesday of the month is the PR day. This is the day when all our training throughout the month, is put to test in one giant effort to run the full tour of Harvard stadium as fast as we can. This is also the day when our paint squad a.k.a. the Paint Shop Boys tags hundreds of t-shirts with recognizable November Project logo across the chest. This morning, unfortunately, the 30mph winds gusting at 50mph prevented aerosol black paint compressed in the aluminum can to come out in any sort of predictable pattern. So instead of ruining bunch of shirts we decided to move the painting to some other day. Stay tuned for the new paint date announcement.

It was good to see the Harvard football team back on the field. This means that spring training is in full swing and that warmer days are ahead of us… in June or July.



November Project Milwaukee had it’s second PR Workout today and it was cold – again. That’s better. We run cold. We are cold-blooded. Sophia House proved to be uncatchable (Even by Kellen) and some HUMUNGOUS TIME DROPS HAPPENED. Notably: Maggie Nelson, 4 minute drop in a 30ish minute workout. To put that in perspective that’s like if last week you fought, and defeated 30 ninjas, this week you could have taken on 34, and defeated them all!!! Come to Novmeber Project – you never know how many ninjas are at your door. The Tribe isn’t going anywhere, get on board. The Animal. That got out of the cage… (Scores to be posted this evening on November Project Milwaukee Facebook.



Today’s workout got us dirty and a little wet. With the Spring rain fall coming down on us this morning, the regulars found a way to stay indoors, while the smallest group we have ever seen came out and busted their asses in our Wednesday NP workout. Co-Leader roll call, Chris and Haley were there this morning, but co-leader Stephanie woke up puking, though we have no photo evidence to prove it. Whatever she got from her late night out drinking was clearly contagious as we were missing one of our other regulars to group, Juan.

Anyways with the small group of four that did the workout, we started off with a 1 mile warm-up then it was on like Donkey Kong! Haley mustered up a nice routine today that mixed in sprints, burpees, squat jumps, peak planks, and sumo squat jumps. The routine would have us sprinting for 17 seconds then going through one of the exercises for 30 seconds and continuing to repeat this cycle of insanity until Haley decided we were done.

We have nearly 140 “likes” on our Facebook page, which we started a few weeks back, with most of of those people from the Sacramento area … so here is our question … When the fuck are you people going to get off of Facebook and actually start working out with us instead of just liking our post and photos after our workouts?



Today we began the beautiful but chilly March morning with a lap around the mall and a hearty game of leap frog. Big shout out our several newcomers! After the warm-up we transitioned into the main workout which consisted of suicide runs up several sets up stairs and down the mall on the University campus. The destinations for the suicides were classroom buildings that line the sides of the mall. A set of pushups, squat jumps, hot-footed lizards, and jumping jacks were incorporated into the suicides. The final portion of the workout had groups of three run in between a set of buildings while one person at one side was doing push ups and the other and the other side was holding a plank position. The person running in between was to tag off one person at one side of the building and that person got up and became the runner that headed to the other to tag off the next person. We ended with a beautiful photo taken as the sun rose. 🙂 great job today MSP!



We were expecting some snow today which would’ve been appropriate since we had snow each of the first 5 pledge workouts. No snow, but we still had over 40 hardcore tribers (10+ newbies) ready to crush today’s session. In honor of almost finishing our first trimester worth of workouts (yes, we’ve been around for 10 weeks), threw the workout waaaay back to the OG location at the 103rd St. footbridge. We replicated our first November Project-NYC workout by doing repeat bridge climbs with work stations in between. Work stations consisted of: 10 push ups, 30 secs of plank, 10 burpees, and 30 secs of dancing. Dancing style or moves were at the discretion of each tribe member. Fuck Yeah, we KNOW we can dance!

Members of the loyal tribe made good on their promise to bring gear to be grass-rooted. Paulleak and Patrick stenciled like crazy while everyone else got their sweat on.

Other highlights:

-Jason getting in extra speedwork by chasing down two traveling dwellers of Randall’s Island who had “accidentally” picked up his backpack.

-A cyclist finding a phone, giving it to co-leader John, and a happy reunion of phone and owner later that morning. I think we just recruited another member. We got a verbal!

See you next Wednesday, 6:28 a.m. at the flagpole by Gracie Mansion. Bring a friend.



LA was on point this morning! The tribe is pointy?… We welcomed the dark with several newbies and some Madison and Boston regulars who did not know what they were getting into with our Hollywood ways. Warmed up. Hug. Circle bounce. Jog.

Since today was PR day, aka the day for your personal achievements and goals, we started our own little race that incorporates strength and speed called the J-Baby. Some say it is named after the shape of the course others say it will give you a booty like J-Lo. Nobody knows. Even though the Hollywood Bowl is made of stairs and the tears of hollywood wannabes, we used neither in our workout. Well maybe the tears. Starting with “the bitch”, a steep hill that runs along the bowl, the tribe beasted up to the top whipping out jump squats, to then continue on the outskirts to do burpees, to make a descent to toe touches and box jumps all to be repeated three times. Though the tribe is still waiting on their grassroots gear they represented complete community today. We made new friends, cheered them on, and got our sweaty hugs. People pushed each other along and splashed in the puddles that LA so rarely has. As always we can not wait till Wednesday. Yes! The Tribe is pointy!

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