Jen’s Confession (YEG)

I have a confession to make…

I woke up this morning to my 5:00 AM alarm, I checked my weather network app and said…”Fuck You -22! You suck weather! I’m tired to trying to prove that I am #weatherproof!” Good thing the app and the weather are inanimate objects or their feelings might have been hurt this morning as I hurled insults their way.

After that verbal slinging, I got out of bed and trudged my way downstairs to find the layers of clothing I would once again need to wear after vowing that I wouldn’t wear another double layered legging again until next November…Yes its been 5 months of consistently  requiring 2 or more layers of pants (never mind the 5-6 layers on top) for our dark 6 AM workouts …that’s more than half the current age of November Project Canada!

I then got in my car and made my way to our hill only to find myself thinking…Why did I turn back there?…obviously on autopilot (not a good thing when driving) I’d mindlessly turned and was making my way to our Wednesday stairs! Good thing I could take the long way to the hill giving me more time to watch the ambient temperature reading on my car dash keep decreasing…

And then I got to the hill…

…I saw the 4 people who’d run and cycled there were awaiting the arrival of their tribe members…cars turned into the lot behind me…people were making thier way up to our muster point…there was energy…#weatherproof energy…positive energy…TRIBE energy…

And so I ran…I ran those hills in the cold & I high 5’d & I hugged & I got hugged…I had an awesome morning!

Its contagious you know…it doesn’t matter how your day starts…it doesn’t matter if you’re a little grumpy rolling out of bed…it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a less then stellar sleep…it doesn’t matter if your legs feel like lead, none of it matters…what DOES matter is that you make it out…you get your ass out of bed and know that it’ll be the best gift you can give yourself!!

We will be at this ball diamond on Monday 6AM. If you’re, late, you’ll regret it.

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