Racing in the rain! (Bmore)


For some reason, this image is what first comes to mind when I think about this morning. Not sure what that’s about…nobody was making out. This morning was rainy as hell but the only thing that could have made it better was Rachel McAdams setting a new PR. First one to get Rachel McAdams to drop a verbal wins a free workout. ( Gosling is an acceptable alternative).

Today was the first day of our new and improved Race Day. Winners!

3000meter: Steve  “Gump” Earley: 10:27

1500meter: Alex “Shad Hunter” Laperouse: 5:20

Congrats to you two.  Overall results will be kept in a lovely spread sheet to be consulted each month. Race day is all about getting faster, tracking progress and getting a little bit competitive with one another. We want to see everyone improve and have fun. Race day may not be our usual shenanigans but in the long run we’re going to be happy we’re doing it. Thanks to everyone who raced today.



1. Next week is #bmore_ giving. We are supporting a local resource center for Baltimore’s homeless residents called “Beans and Bread“. Our friend Cassie has let us know what they need: “Right now we are in need of socks (desperate need of socks) and t-shirts (preferably size large or extra-large). We could always use more deodorant and travel-sized toothpaste. And if anyone is doing spring cleaning through his wardrobe, we would be pleased to take pants/shorts and t-shirts off his hands, as well as any shoes.”

Please help us support Beans and Bread. Bring as much as we can. This is not an obligation, simply a way of giving back to our great city. We’re all very lucky to have NP so lets pay it forward.

2. High Flying Homework:

This is due next Tuesday night! Post to the NP_BAL wall. Wow us. We’re going to get crazy over the weekend and come up with something amazing. Everyone give it a whirl and post what you come up with. Make us proud! Check the November Project Facebook page for influence.

3. We were on TV! Watch it y’all
Can’t wait to see everyone next week. Please participate in #bmore_giving and keep loving NP. We couldn’t ask for a better tribe.



Some severely drenched people







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2 Replies to “Racing in the rain! (Bmore)”

  1. I was very offended by the November Project today. While they were running in the rain in Federal Hill so was I. They were yelling at my group of athletes saying that their workouts were free and were being condensing. I looked up this group and it seems that you want to make your community a better place, however today your rude remarks had the opposite effect. I hope that in the future you think about others before blurting out negative comments that we did not want to hear.

    1. Hey Amanda,

      We’re really sorry you felt that way and we apologize if we offended you. We strive to be as welcoming as possible…just trying to spread the love. We sent you an e-mail to figure out what the issue was to make sure we don’t upset you or anyone else again. We can be a lot in the morning and we understand that, it may not be for everyone.
      Thank you for letting us know, we appreciate it. You’re more than welcome to come join the tribe one of these Wednesdays to get a better understanding of what we’re all about.
      Hope to talk soon.

      The Co-leaders

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