April Showers Bring PRs (DCA)

That’s how the saying goes, right? Obviously it had to rain on the last day of April. If it didn’t, I’d question Ma Nature’s sense of humor. She’s done pretty good so far. Actually, so good that we haven’t had a PR week without interesting weather. Know what I have to say about that? GOOD. I like it that way. We’re the real deal and that wouldn’t be true if we didn’t have to overcome at least a little adversity. Make sure you tell people. We aren’t a cult. We aren’t Fight Club. We aren’t a running club. But the world better get ready for NOVEMBER PROJECT. Remember: first rule is tell everyone you know about NP.

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PR week is about you tracking your progress over the months. It’s not about racing everyone else. It’s not about racing the dog. It’s about racing yourself. Push yourself to get . We’re going to try and help you with this. Use this form to submit your time from today. Over the next few months, we’ll track your times and so can you!

HOMEWORK: Get HighFlying, take a picture of it, and follow the directions on . Winner is determined through likes on Facebook and wins a flight to train with the mother tribe in BOSTON. Due by next WEDNESDAY.

FRIDAY: McPherson Square. 6:29am. BE THERE. Get ready for some #MAYhem. We will be marking our territory and tagging your gear.



P.S. Photos courtesy of our awesome photographers Jon and Matt


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