A Mile Jogged & A Mile Sprinted (aka Don't Forget You Have Homework) – PHL

It’s the last workout/day of April which makes it PR-week in North America. The PHL tribe laced up their quick-steppers and showed up in full force despite the hearty rainfall. A mile jogged as a warm up then sprinted for progress. Y’all looked great! Eric from NP Boston took top honors – Cheers man!

Co-leader Dan was forced to give up The Hard Hat this week. He passed it along to Susan Flynn. Susan is bad ass to the core. She has been with us since our very first pledge class and is as awesome as they come. She ran one hell of a race at the Boston Marathon last week, and was right back at it eating hills for breakfast with the tribe just two days later. Susan was proud to take the hat and we know she will wear it well this week (especially while riding her bike – for safety’s sake).

The 16 city #HighFlyingHomework is now officially on. We tagged the gear, now y’all need to get creative, follow the and make us proud Philly! Full participation isn’t mandatory – but the #justshowup mentality applies. Have fun with it and get your ups on!

The Broad Street Run is this Sunday and everyone in Philly knows the drill – wear your Grassroots Gear and recruit the heck out of everyone you run past/with/behind! Not running this year? Meet up and hoot with the lululemon athletica cheer squad at mile 7.8 on the corner of Broad and Jackson. Most of you grabbed tickets for Philadelphia Runner’s Free Broad Street Tailgate in FDR Park post run – we hope to see your beautiful faces there for some FREE fun and HUGS! Good luck and love to all runners, spectators and volunteers!

Keep on keepin on this week – love thy neighbor – see y’all next week!


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