Get your Grassroots Gear!! (MSP)

Our tribe is Weatherproof. We meet all weather with our heads high and hugs ready.

We had rain. No problem mon! Jesse Quinn was back, well tapered. And BG’s cousin Laura made her MSP debut. The workout was inspired by a NovProject MSN workout attended earlier this week by tribe leader, Ben Bauch. It consisted of a circuit with four stops along the way. Tribesmen traveled the circuit around Northrop Mall with a buddy, and completed a partner workout at each of the four stops. The last few minutes were spent hitting stairs laps on the walking bridge in front of Coffman Union.

Today was also MSP’s first paint day. We found the only dry spot around, tucked in a corner of Coffman’s entrance, and sprayed our first onsite Grassroots Gear. The tribe is now hard at work thinking of the best way to turn in their High-Flying Homework.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 9.54.53 AMScreen Shot 2014-04-30 at 9.55.30 AM

MSP is open to anyone. Everyone is capable of this; the early morning and the workout itself. Just Show Up!!

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