Tornado Winds Subside for Morning of PRs and Hugs (DEN)

Today was the last workout of April, the last wednesday of April and the last day of April all at one time BOOM. I don’t know what that means but it might mean something pretty cool. I do know one thing: 30  minutes were put on the clock for hard and sweaty clover running. If you pushed yourself through even just one extra loop today, stop what you’re doing right now and pat yourself on the back.

Most important message that you should take from today’s blog post is that IT IS ON. What’s on? NP #HighFlyingHomework is fucking on. We’re already one mile higher than our the rest of our NP friends, so what’s a few more feet? If you haven’t already educated yourself, find your assignment here. If you’re one of the kids who doesn’t read good, here’s a summary:

1. Post a photo of yourself wearing your #GrassrootsGear completely suspended in air to your respective November Project Facebook wall. Yes, selfies are allowed but your audience will be specifically looking to see that you’re not hanging, dangling, or balancing. “High-Flying” means fully suspended in air.
2. Again, post your photos to your tribe’s Facebook wall. Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat are all awesome, however we’re going to gather the pics that are officially posted to Facebook only.
3. Photos will only be evaluated if they’re posted between Wednesday 4/30, 6:29AM and Wednesday 5/7, 6:29AM and tagged #HighFlyingHomework.

YOU HAVE ONE WEEK. Make us proud, mountain people, make us proud.

NEXT TWO WEDNESDAYS WILL MEET AT THE CAPITOL STEPS. This is because American Ninja Warrior will be filming in Civic Center Park during those days. Yes, you heard me correctly. So obviously, that means you should come decked out next week in your American Ninja Warrior’s finest gear. Fallback outfits for the non-creative/spontaneous: dress like America or dress like a Ninja.

Finally, if you want to do the Snowmass Ragnar Trail Relay, get at us.

With Love, M General M

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