Races for DAYS. (DCA)

Some mornings it’s easy to get up and get going in the morning. Other mornings, not so easy. You start moving and think, “Okay, this isn’t so bad. I’m glad I’m out the door. ” You start smiling. You start hugging. And then you forget that you ever hesitated to get out the door in the first place. We say it all the time, and we DO it all the time: #JustShowUp. It rocks. Go ahead and over estimate the power you have to change someone else’s morning, you’ll probably get it just about right. Your positive, attitudes, high-fives, smiles, hugs, sprints (I could go on FORever) are infectious. They’re big. BIG. B-I-G. (B-I-G-G-I-E, oh wait that’s something different.) And they can get a person out the door.

This is a week of racing. This morning we raced hills. We raced partners UP and DOWN 15th and 16th. Wednesday we race ourselves. We race for a PR. We race on (MAYBE, tbd (there it is!)) ice free, puddle free stairs. Friday we race for good measure. Saturday we race like penguins. For the record, penguins BRING IT.


THIS Wednesday is PR day.

NEXT Monday we are at CAPITOL HILL. It is like Meridian Hill, but at a different place, with a different name. You will still have #HillsForBreakfast but they will taste different. It’ll be like that time Cheerios thought, huh, I wonder if these would be good with a honey-nut coating. Turns out…

#MarchOfThePenguins is March 28th. THAT IS THIS SATURDAY. It will be BIG. Emperor BIG. Do dress like a penguin. This COULD be you, quick little, cute little, cuddly little, you. Meet right HERE. Don’t be late. If you ARE late, this WILL be you.

Share the event HERE.

Tedx day will be here before you know it. Get your tickets for the NOVEMBER PROJECT DC TEDxFoggyBottom talk. Create a sea of #GrassrootsGear.


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