Homecoming for Bojan & BG at Today’s Destination Deck (MIT)

These days, both Bojan and I are lucky to travel North America to drop in on our current tribes, as well as launch new ones. Our life is on the road. He makes his way home to Boston while I make my way to my homebase in SoCal. We lead this movement, without sleep or complaint, just like our fearless leaders, that’s what we do. Rising and shining and connecting more and more with our leaders and members in each tribe has given us a better understanding of what this 19 city beast truly is. We’ve given up the stand-in-front leadership in trade for leading all tribes. In this trade we lurk in the back rows of countless group photos, introduce ourselves to unknowing newbies, wait quietly for the directions of the workout, and watch on with the rest of the members for exactly what to do. As we jump from one layover to the next, we cover ground, and connect the dots. What we don’t get each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week is the feeling of being high, the feeling of owning the moment, and the feeling of having the entire group hanging on every word the way that we did back when we were both leading here in Boston. This feeling is one of the coolest benefits of being an NP leader. Leadership comes in countless shapes and roles, but leading in front is clearly a rush for those who do it best.

Today, Evan, Emily, & Deniz let us borrow their tribe back for one workout and take the NP Boston leadership role for a ride. The tribe with the hardest winter of all showed up proud on a frosty Monday morning to rip through 20 minutes of 2 footed hop, dash, burpie, downhill dash, straightaway sprint, hositie, dash, push-up circuit as the sun came up over MIT.


The mean look of racing, the kind words of inclusion, and the warm embrace after we called “TIME!” were about as classic NP as it gets.


The truth is, being on the road has a point of view that makes the full NP picture much more clear and makes us proud of what this family has become. With that said, this morning, as the sun slowly made her way up over the frozen Charles River and onto the campus of some of the world’s brightest minds (MIT students) and outfits (NP members) we were reminded of just how magic this Boston group is.

If you’re reading this from outside of Boston and you’ve never experienced NP Boston, consider a trip here for at least a Wednesday and Friday. These leaders, athletes, and shared times are incredible. The tribe, now more than ever, is strong.

Flight leaves at 4PM today. See you at Mile 18 on Marathon Monday.


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