Today we literally raced everything!  First we started our morning with an epic group hug to New Eric to welcome him to San diego.  Eric it only gets better after week one; I know hard to believe!  We all completed 5 races of equal opportunity, and it was AWESOME!!!   We all own our group, put in the same effort and thank our lucky stars for the awesome abilities our body provides us!

Over at motor boat pond (lips flutter and head wags) we have a huge make shift track.  In true #voytrack fashion we broke down into groups and had four 800m races around our beautiful pond.  We had prizes up for grabs to make everyone a little more amped and more likely to take down a neighbor with a swift elbow to the gut. The catch was no one knew which one of the 5 races counted for the prize so you had to give it your all for each race!

Then we gave you a brutal burn out of partner 50/50 sit up/sit downs followed by yes, you guessed it another foot race.  Hot dang that was tiring, but awesome, like really fucking awesome.  Congrats to the winners of the races and everyone who left it all out there!  I hope you all enjoy the prom tonight.  Use protection.  Voytrack out.

Foot notes:
1) Balboa Park Wednesday 629am- Please wear Red and Pink for Valentines Day!  Also shooting a LOVE short film- You do not want to miss this!
2) Cupids Undie Run February 20th, discount code (YALLGOOD)!  Sign up!!!!

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