Race Everything!

by Laura McCloskey

We initiated PR Wednesday (finally) and test ran a course of both sprints, mid distance and agility to push the tribe to their uncomfortable zone. As Brad so eloquently put, “I love it when I work out so hard that I almost throw up… but don’t.” Post vom-sesh we took some year book photos so people can actually start learning each others names. And by “people” we mean “Laura.” She has been calling everyone Sarah for far too long.

Happy Birthday, Connor Green. Way to wear that purple hat for 2 seconds with pride. The next 2 weeks will be led by our power house foursome of Amy, Ben, Sam and Jess. Treat them with respect and show Bojan exactly how weird SF can be when he arrives in 2 weeks. McCloskey out!

by Nadim Chin

There comes a time every year, when morning dew turns to frost; a time when water turns to ice; and when the sun no longer shines in the morning. It is also a time when we give it everything we got and race our hearts out as we bid farewell to September. That time was today. Two groups race today. We timed everyone as they climbed the stairs and then gave our friend Ezio Farone a high five at the top. People could choose between 4, 7 and 10 sets. Only one person hit 10, most did 7 and a brave few pushed themselves to complete 4. Somehow others decided to do ‘inbetween’ sets, but we’ll forgive you this time. Regardless, you all now have a baseline for your results. We will be timing on the last Wednesday of every month so you will be able to see your progress. Times will be posted on Facebook later this evening once I get the results from everyone’s doping tests.

Some lucky racers even received cupcakes courtesy of Whimsical Cake Studio.

We will be giving you information on our first social event later this week. There is limited space, so make sure you stay tuned for instructions on how to sign up. You MUST be on Facebook and you MUST have #GrassrootsGear to participate. We’ll be bringing the paint and stencils until then.

by Bojan the Serbian

As we do every last Wednesday of the month, we raced our asses off and we painted a shit ton of shirts. We would like to thank our painting squad for putting their lungs on the line while making sure that tribe’s fall/winter gear gets properly tagged. We also pointed out two dudes that will be taking over in two weeks as BG and I will both miss the same workout for the first time since November 2011. Derrick, Lindsay, fridge is fully stocked, neighbor’s number is on the kitchen counter, don’t even think about “borrowing” the car, you can have few friends over but NO PARTIES! We will call every day to make sure that everything is okay. Great… love you guys!

by Dan Graham

20 minutes on the clock – ready go!

Starting with 5 increasing loops, followed by as many Single Lincoln laps as possible in the allotted time. Only laps with a toe touch count.

Scores are the total number of time you touch Abe Lincoln’s Toe. Starting with the completion of the ‘Set’ that involves the 5 loops. Confused? Come try it. It’s rough. Madison reps it. Hard.

Name Score
Adam Senatori 14
Allison Pfaff 12
Ben Wurl-Koth 9
Brett Hagen 16
Brian Hildebrand 13
Brian Purtell 14
Christine Fukuda 9
Courtney Johnson 8
Craig Igl 13
Dan Graham 14
Dan Kennelly ?
Dave Wargowski 9
Emilie McCullough 3
Emily Schwabe 13
Gabby Waclawik 13
Grace Miller 13
Jade Fea 9
Jeff Lowe 14
Jeff Mack 10
Jeff Morris 14
Joe Docter 16
JosephHalaas 12
Joy Bjorklund 5
Kelly Nawrocki ?
Kevin Hubbard 12
Kristi Jamieson 4
Kristi Johnson ?
Laura Miller 16
Laura Schott 7
Leah Van Oss 8
Lee Schwartz 14
Lindsay Carlson 13
Lisa Anderson ?
Liz Munchdoff 7
Lori Wargowski 10
Mark Pan 16
Mary Yoder ?
Nancy Wrenn Bauch 5
Nicole Martin 15
Pat Bauch 14
Rebecca Gilbert 9
Ruby Martin 13
Ryan Harrison 9
Sam Keepman 20
Sara Jimenez ?
Scheckle 15
Stina S 10
Suzie Strachota 11
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