Shoe Swap, Return of DG and Racing for Buds

by Jen Ference

There were a lot of slick sneaks out pounding the pavement bright and early or should I say dark and early this morning. The tribe is strong and beginning their #weatherproof training…who knows how long mother nature will continue to grace us with these mild September temperatures! Thanks goes out to @OilerRob who summed up our group pic so cleverly” Thanks to @Nov_ProjectCAN for pointing me in the right direction this morning. #earnyourweekend #yegfitness”

#DestinationDeck is at Talus Dome.

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by Ted Gurman

The morning featured the return of The Dan Graham after a long two week hiatus from NP MSN. We welcomed him back with The Butcher (hitting up all four corners of the square), a wacky and wild dash through the capitol lawn trees, and, well…a good helping of steps, of course. The yellow jersey went to a young man by the name Brett, who continues to attend both workouts every time despite a broken arm. Yes, he’s a boss.

by Bojan the Serbian

Our top 5 fastest ladies and gents earned new earbuds from our friends at Bern for flying up and down Summit ave hill (plus cross country addition) five times. Our #PositivityAward and a Helping Hand Award went to two impressive ladies Ashley Brow and Katie Fithian. If you haven’t met these two yet, get off your ass, come to the top of Corey Hill on Friday morning and get inspired.

Our #DestinationDeck is in Paul Revere Park.

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