Summer is Officially Over

by Jen Ference

Well, #weatherproof has begun in Edmonton! The 5:45 and 6:15 groups were welcomed with +5 degree Celsius temperatures this morning…that’s 41 Fahrenheit for our neighbors down south! But that didn’t stop us…with great numbers again, newbies and returnees and beneath the glow of a full moon, we run up and down the stairs & out to Constable Ezio Faraone’s monument and saluted him with a high 5. @KoryHoward_SAPT gets the tweet of the morning…”@Nov_ProjectCAN morning stairs and all your smiling faces lit up my day before the sun even got the chance!” See you Friday!

by Ted Gurman

Today’s NP-MSN festivities featured the unveiling of a new workout – The Manhattan, cleverly named as such since it involves frolicking over many a bridge. The objective: do as many bridge circuits as you can in 30 minutes. The reason: because I said so. The consensus: everyone love-hated it. Perfect.

by Laura McCloskey

SF took a field trip to race the Coit Tower steps this morning to compete for some Bern ear buds. There is a little man that follows us around the city and turns on the sprinkler system right as we are about to start our workouts, in the very part of the field we want to use. This little man is killin’ it these days. We opted for the concrete and did a true #DestinationDeck workout post race with some SF twists. Got to see the sunrise over the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, and over Ben’s back, as he threw up in the flowers next to the tower. Our first North Beach experience was incredible, but we shall return to Alamo Square next week! We are comfortable there. We are at home there. And we don’t have to climb up 8 huge fucking hills to get there. Happy Birthday, Bojan!

by Bojan the Serbian

Like our northern neighbors in YEG we got reminded that shorts and short sleeve shirts may not be the best workout outfits anymore. As a pre-race warmup we celebrated few birthdays. Happy birthday to our friends Jana, Eric and Bearded Guy! We’ll see if BG’s new celebration method will catch on.

Instead of the usual focus on the faces of November Project, today’s photo album will focus on NP booties. Huge thanks to our friend Rosa for taking on this delicate yet very important undertaking. Rosa you saved our marriage/relationship!

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