Quick Math (YEG)

I feel like the workout today would be something I would play in elementary school. Which is not a knock on it, some of the best things come from elementary. Recess, lunch time, field trips, and learning new things. As much as I was ok at math, some 20 years later I still have to call back to those quick tips that they gave you.

Inner monologue: Ok 4×4 is…..4×2 is 8, 8+8 is 16…. I should have known that…wow…ok, I blame the fact that it’s 6am.

Quick math aside this workout is a favorite of mine! I love when we get a chance to boop noses and have new people meet each other/bond over a shared feeling of exhaustion from the workout. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Whether it was your first time or your thousandth this group will always be out there working out. Ready for you to join in the fun whenever you can make it. Thank you for choosing to #JustShowUp

Keep being awesome,



Weds – RG stairs

Fri – Walterdale hill

Mon – bridge month continues

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