November Project People: Myrta Asplundh (BOS)

This is the 6th installment of the regular feature on NP_BOS blog called November Project People (NPP). NP members interview other NP members, and we all get to know each other a bit better. #community

Interview with Myrta Asplundh, by Bosco Layne

Meet Myrta Asplundh. The kickboxing, elementary school teaching badass from Philly.

  1. Why do you come to November Project?

For the hugs… and also the people that I’ve met

  1. Why do you really come to November Project?

The hugs. More hugs. All the hugs.

  1. Why do you really REALLY come to November Project?

The big thing is that Sierra took me the first time. She took me in January of 2016 to the Philly one… I know it’s special to her. When she first introduced me to it I thought I wasn’t fit enough for it. So I went but I didn’t go back until summer of last year when my sister made me go. So I guess it’s more like I went because they made me but now that I go, I like the people that I meet and it’s like my own fitness fam.

  1. Can you please tell me a little bit of your story from being born to when you started NP? What has shaped you?

I’m from a big family. The funniest thing is that my parents wanted to have another boy and then they got two girls because I’m a twin. I’ve been athletic my entire life. My parents always encouraged us to go outside and play. I did sports growing up and then I went to college for field hockey. I didn’t like it, so I quit, but I had been doing field hockey for nine years. Then I did a little bit of dance. I went to Connecticut College. I was a theatre major because education wasn’t a major there. I had a bunch of electives in education and now I’m getting my masters for elementary education at Lesley. And then I did NP. I came here originally to do grad school while working at a daycare. I was not a fan, so I quit. I’m actually a kickboxing instructor now.

  1. How is your life most different since starting NP?

Wow… I guess I’m more social and outgoing. Usually when I’m with people and when I’m with my twin sister, I’m actually a little more shy and every I talk to says, “What? Really?” Me coming to specifically the Boston one, I was by myself. There was no one with me. Some people knew of Sierra, but her friends were in Philly. I’m on my own so I have to talk to people. I have to do it on my own.

  1. When do people see you most at NP?

Well, right now, Boston. When I go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I go to the Philly one. Last year I was going to Philly Wednesday and Friday. Now, when I first started, I would go to the 5:30 Harvard stadium for the longest time and now I probably go either Mondays or Fridays because of my work schedule.

  1. What always makes you laugh or what makes you laugh the hardest?

Dumb dad jokes. I have a friend who’s really funny and she’s just hysterical. Every time she says something. I like to laugh a lot because it makes me feel good. I like being surrounded by people who make me laugh. It’s great. Oh, and old vine videos.

  1. What’s something you’re really proud of?

My fitness journey so far. When I started kickboxing I lost 20 pounds and I’m in the most fit shape I’ve every been. I have to take pictures for work so I’m really confident in my body. I’m impressed with how much I can push my body and I feel really strong. I’m proud of myself academically. I never thought I was going to go to grad school. I’m very impressed about how well I’ve been doing because grad school is really hard.

  1. What are your plans after you get your degree?

Oh! Wow, that’s like the big question… I’m learning a lot about what you have to be, teacher-wise. You can get a professional status, so you have to stay at a school for three years. For the longest time, when I first started, I was like, “I’m going to move back to Pennsylvania. I guess it depends on if I get a job here. If I get a job here, I’ll stay, if not I’ll go back.

  1. What are your fitness goals?

Maintain where I am. I like to push myself in new ways. I think the next thing I want to do is run Broad Street. The one in Philly. It’s a 10k. My sister ran it last year and Sierra ran it too. It goes all through Philly and that’s my home so that would be cool. Then maybe run a half marathon at some point.

So there you have it, folks! Myrta shares her energy with anyone that’s around her at the workouts, so stop and trade a hug or high five with her next time you pass. She is worth knowing!


FRIDAY this week: the next in the winter WOahMAN series. Friday 1/10 at 5am. Yup, 5am. Read more details about it down in this blog.

NEXT MONDAY: 1/13 6:29am the workout will be at BUNKER HILL COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Not at the monument thingy at a different place in Charlestown. But the Community College spot. RIGHT HERE on a map.

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