Pumpkin Patch Kids & The Big Announcement (BOSTON)

This morning was weird Bobbie, let me tell you. We met in the dark down by the water in the North End. The field we took over for the full 17 minute workout was mostly a baseball kind and as the sun rose over our fun faces and perfectly straight line of 100+ pumpkins, we knew we were doing something right.

Ya see, Monday’s are not for everyone and they’re not easy to understand. Almost 5 times each week we’ll get a note that says, “I couldn’t figure out where the location was so I didn’t come this morning,” via FB or email. The fact is, Monday’s are weird and only for those of you who really want this NP thing 3 times per week.

Today we had a 17 minute, nonstop partner circuit that involved wall-jumps, hoisties, pushups with feet on the wall, home plate to 1st base lunges, and everyone’s favorite, pumpkin-chest-pass-to-burpie-exchange (PCPTBE).

To cash out at the end of all of this we took a last 90 seconds to go all out to find the truest of the group: the pair that could do the most PCPTBE’s would win. Those dudes were crowned Kings of The Pumpkin Patch and will live on in the NP history books as 2014 Halloween Gods.

Congrats to everyone who made it out this AM and to all of you who’re reading this still trying to decide how much, if anything, you missed.

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from your Boston Co-Leaders (Bojan and I) will take place at section 37 between the two groups and it would mean the world if you could make it. If you come for the 5:30AM please save an extra five minutes and stay after to hear our very real announcement. For those of you who attend the 6:30AM please make sure to be on time so that we don’t have you walk in as we’re getting real. The news is real and we can’t wait to tell you in person. Bring people with you as we near November 5th… then bring tons of people.


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