Giving Back at the Mansion ( NYC)

The Tribe gives back. The Tribe takes care of what takes care of them. Thank you to all the NYC Tribers that rolled up their sleeves and got dirty today at Charles Schurz Park.

We met at 9:00a.m. ready to work. Our task was to mulch the Mayor’s lawn. The Tribe mulches! We welcomed new tribers, Michelle and Jill. We got our bounce on! We go our volunteering on!

photo 1-1

We got down to business–and some tomfoolery!

photo 4-1


We gots madd skills! Look at this mulched lawn! Damn!

photo 3

Then the tribe hydrated and replenished lost nutrients. We WORK HARD and PLAY HARD.

photo 5-2

Wednesday: Meet at the 102nd St. Bridge. We will be #Grassrooting, so bring your gear to get tagged. We want to represent at MILE 14, so get your tag on. 5:28 a.m. and 6:28 a.m. will be in full effect!

Friday: Recruit! Recruit! Recruit! We’ll be hosting a lot of out-of-towners with the NYC Marathon on Nov. 2nd. It’s also Halloween–costumes encouraged. We’re meeting at Lincoln Center.


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