PR’s are meant for breaking (ORL)

While we hope you are always challenged with your Wednesday morning workout, we also hope you always have fun-and PR Day is no exception! Though it is a more systematic plan than we run occasionally; devoid of Bojans, bear crawls and bench jumps, we still want you to enjoy your early morning while attempting to crush those PRs! We try to keep it well regulated so you can continue to challenge yourself with a healthy dose of self competition. We designed the new course back in August, taking advantage of the gorgeous lakeside path and planning a route that would allow for maximum high fiveage. We threw in 21 burpees per full lap because, lack of stairs+we just really love those full body burners! Whether you set your PR at 2, 2.3 or 3.2 rotations, or maybe you didn’t get your full beauty rest and hated when the alarm went off (like me, getting the bright idea to soak the NP stencils in acetone just after midnight, and scraping off layers of paint with my bare hands at 2am so you could all get a fresh tag) but, you still had the drive to get up and get moving. Either way, congratulate yourself on showing up for yourself and your tribe, because fitness is always more fun with friends to encourage you along the way. Btw, I really love that our traverballers are competing not only with themselves, but also calling out others! Keep pushing yourselves, and each other-the work is worth it!




    Roll call for The Best Damn race this Saturday! We’ve got 20+ signed up for the 5k,10k,&half! If you are having FOMO you can still register for the half Saturday morning at the race, or you can come out and cheer on all of the other runners! (5k@10k sold out)
    • We are still hot and heavy into our recruitment challenge, with some sweet prizes to be won from companies like

The North Face

    • ,


    • ,


    and more! So, the more friends you bring on Wednesday mornings, the more chances you have to win!
    • Check out our

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    for all the info on extra workouts, races, and social events that your tribe is participating in.
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