Multi-functional Headwear (YEG)

Ah the fresh buff feel, nothing like it. The buff may be soft but did you know how functional it is? Did you have a gander at the packaging? There are so many options! With one piece of fabric you can instantly become a pirate (trust me packaging does not lie).

As you read through the options you’re thinking to yourself “Rob, these cant all be real can they?”

Oh but they are Blog Reader – they are. Throwing it back to 2016 check out this post for proof:

The little plastic packaging (#LPP) does not lie!!!

While the buffs are exciting, we didn’t need a mob of angry people to have it released from the border this year, the day was not over shadowed by it also being 28:19 day. Even amidst the continued winter you still came out and pushed through the challenge ahead of you. No matter your speed you beat the hypothetical self that chose to sleep in, that chose to not show up – you won the day.

Hope you all had a fantastic rest of your day and we’ll see you Friday!


Friday – Walterdale hill

Buffs for sale

Two days of sales and 50% of our stock has already sold (just show up soon) 5$ exact change please

It was no ones birthday today 🙁

Chloe and Trent are faaaaaaaaaasssssssttttttttt 🏃 🏃


Keep being awesome,



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