Pretty cool (YEG)

While the wind may have made it cold, it wasn’t too cold to run stairs and hear some pretty cool stories this morning.

Today I walked a lap with 5 year old Laur, bundled up in his snow pants, ski jacket, helmet and goggle, he told me about the 3 hermit crabs and 3 crabs they found when the tide went out while on their holiday. He also made sure that I knew that they didn’t eat the crabs…pretty cool

Today after I called time and was catching my breath, Alex told me about how he is a sporadic NP’er due to his shift work but showed up today after reading our @Nov_ProjectCAN tweet about 9 year old Chloe earning her -30 badge on Monday saying he basically couldn’t have any excuse if a 9 year old can make it…pretty cool

Today we had a newbie named Phillip…it was about -25 degrees Celsius…& we had a newbie! He said he’d be back Friday…pretty cool

Today Michelle, who committed to coming to NP for 3 weeks straight (research for an article) did an whole extra flight of stairs today compared to last week. I’m pretty sure she’s hooked and will not need to put a deadline on attendance anymore…pretty cool

Today is pink-tights Dave’s birthday and he chose to get up early and spend his morning running stairs with us…pretty cool

Today we had over 60 bundled-up, layered-up, frosty, steamy crazy bad-ass athletes high-5ing the Constable…pretty cool

What we do each morning…pretty cool

Our tribe…REALLY cool

See everyone at Emily Murphy Hill Friday…I’m pretty sure she’s missed us! Drop your verbal here!


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