NPSF: The early bird catches the worm

GOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOORNING SAN FRANCISCO! And a good morning it was. Today was the first Wednesday of 2015, and as such, we rolled out our new 5:30am group in full force. What does full force mean at 5:30am? It means 9 people. Fuck yeah! We’re ecstatic with 9 people. We’re over the moon with 9 people. We can’t believe 9 people are as crazy as we are, and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of you join #EARLYGANG as well. What’s more impressive than the total was that 2 of those 9 were newbies. That’s 22% newbies. #EARLYGANG is early. #EARLYGANG is badass. #EARLYGANG is newbies. See you next week!


Notes from the 6:30 gang:

It’s New Year’s resolution time again, and the Tribe is back turning up en force, with 100+ members out there this morning. We had newbies and #traverballers in healthy supply. We even had a freshman kid show up from the 9th grade lacrosse team that Paddy coaches. Paddy runs a tight ship. Preseason training starts here! He can cut you! Tribe members came from Boston and San Diego. We  had a Milwaukee member sent straight from DG and Schwabe to make sure NPSF were up to speed with their #weatherproof ways. Did we pass? FUCK YEAH WE DID! -ISH! I swear it was at least 7 degrees this morning. Fahrenheit? Ehhhhhhh, perhaps not? Fahrenheit makes no sense anyway. 32 is freezing. 200 and something is boiling. Get with the times America. Even the Canadians can do it, right!

OK rant over!

Today, the Tribe sprinted down the steps and ran up the side Steiner & Scott hills, periodically hitting up partner stations with dancing lunges, leg throwdowns, partner jumpovers, the oh-so-awkward paired chair hold/tricep dips. Then back you went to the centre of the park, throwing in a few wheelbarrow races and leapfrogs before throwing down some Hoistees and continuing on again for more laps. 30 minutes, 7 stations, so many new faces at each station. Well done, Tribe. You killed it!

_DSC4102 _DSC4126

Don’t forget to get your #InappropriatelyFast photos in for your #NP_Homework. Check the for more details.

See you kids on Friday. We’re heading to Potrero Hill to crush the bendiest street in the city. Lombard Street ain’t got shit on Vermont!

20th & Vermont… 6.23AM

Drop your verbals here!

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