#PRDay Tracking

Tomorrow’s #PRDay has a few extra special surprises

– Log on to the tracker, #VERBAL, and then throw your time on after the race. If you have done so, you just have to #VERBAL.  Click the picture, see what happens.  (So, this one is Mandatory? Yea lets go with that. Mandatory)


– If you are going to run with a phone, download Strava. Its Easy

– If you run with a Garmin, get a Strava account and link your Garmin to it. Its Easy.

– Go and join this race on Strava: November Project NYC October #PRDay 6:28 a.m. or the November Project NYC October #PRDay 5:28 a.m. Our friends over at Strava that were with us a few times this summer, created our course for October as a race.  BIG, HUGE things are coming, so get on the train early.  Also, some great data will be coming out for us nerds to look over– Myles, is excited and he is smiling (I hope someone is near him to get a photo).  If you don’t believe us, just click the logo below.


Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME.

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