There Are Babies!

Ok ok, there’s one very special NP baby.  And she’s really cute.  Her name is Marli Mandaric and she was born out of Emilie’s V-hole (Bojan calls it that), and Bojan is a deservedly proud papa.  Way to go Emilie–that’s one workout we will not be doing at NP, and you earned a PR for it!!  The Tribe is so happy for you two…three…+Sami, and we can’t wait until Bojan and Emilie are carrying amazing little Marli around the Stadium stairs in a front/back pack and make the rest of us look bad because we’re just hauling our own asses up and down the stairs.  We’re so happy everyone is doing well.

Marli was a little reluctant to bounce for her first workout this morning, but with the right head support from Mom and Dad, she handled the bounce and murder eyes quite well (for a 2-day old).  We got really loud with the “Good Morning” and “Are you good?” and she answered back with a fart in response to the second question, so we’ll take that as a “Fart yeah”…good enough.  She’ll learn quickly.  Bojan has been working on his own pushups –trying to go all the way down to the ground– so he was the right guy to coach her through her first set of pushups.  Her upper body strength is a little low, but we’re sure she’s got potential.  Weirdly, she cried all the way through her first Sebastian.  And she really wanted her onsie tagged #GrassrootsGear, but Bojan’s making her wait until the Last Wednesday of the Month to get that done.  In the meantime, here’s here first group photo after the workout: (nice shirt, dad)


Ok, for real.  In honor of Marli’s arrival, we had a Monday Destination Deck dedicated entirely to Bojan, Marli, and birthdays.

We started with a new generation of Bojans.  You know the well-loved partner exercise that involves one person alternating between a “downward dog” pose, or upside-down V with their body, and a “child’s pose”, or small ball on the ground with their body, while the other partner alternates between crawling underneath the V and jumping over the small body ball.  The newest addition to the workout regimen at NP is the “Marli.”  It’s the same movements as Bojans, but it’s more like an unwinding of the DNA strand within a chromosome.  We use teams, standing in lines, to create alternating V and ball positions.  The person at the back of the line crawls under one person, then jumps over the next person, under, over…until they get to the front of the line.  The team moves forward, like a baby crawling across a room, until we get to the designated finish line.  Today, Team Payne led the charge with a win across the field.  Maybe like at a wedding when they throw the garter or the bouquet of flowers, they say whoever catches it will be the next to get married.  So…does that mean that Chris Payne will be the next one to have a baby?  Or just someone on that team?  Hmmm…we’ll see!

Then we did the Birthday Circuit.  While listening to Bob Marley.  (Get it?!?)  Everyone used their own 8-digit birthday and ran around to a different station for each number doing whatever fierce or fun exercise was assigned to that station.  The exercises included:

0: Pushups x 30

1: Situps x 30

2: Lunges x 15 each leg

3: V-up holds for 40 sec.

4: Mountain Climbers x 40 each leg

5: Partner Leg Throw-downs x 15 each partner

6: Circus Somersaults (with a partner) x 6 total

7: Squat Jumps x 15

8: Plank Hold for 40 sec.

9: Hug 5 people

We always celebrate the birthday of the day (HBD today to Erica George) but it wasn’t so bad to celebrate all of our Birthdays.  And if you weren’t at the workout, and you know your birthday, you too can do the Birthday Circuit.   If you were there, click here to record that shit!

VERBAL for Wednesday.  It’ll be the warmest day of the week and no better way to start hump day than climbing stairs.  #FuckYeah.

IG the world for Marli:

Let’s get excited about our newest Tribe member–born into quite a legacy of NP fame.  Let’s post photos of us doing awesome, child-like things we love all week on IG.  Tag @novemberprojectbos and #Marli so our friends Bojan and Emilie can see the love the tribe has for the little one.  Bonus points for #GrassrootsGear.



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